Project Description

KIOXIA America, Inc. (formerly Toshiba Memory America, Inc.) is the US-based subsidiary of KIOXIA Corporation, a leading worldwide supplier of flash memory and solid state drives (SSDs). From the invention of flash memory to today’s breakthrough BiCS FLASH™ 3D technology, KIOXIA continues to pioneer cutting-edge memory solutions and services that enrich people’s lives and expand society’s horizons. The company’s innovative 3D flash memory technology, BiCS FLASH™, is shaping the future of storage in high-density applications, including advanced smartphones, PCs, SSDs, automotive, IoT, industrial and data centers.

KIOXIA Information

KIOXIA’s solid state storage offerings include:

  • Enterprise class SSDs
  • Data Center class SSDs
  • Client & Industrial class SSDs

DISTRIBUTORS: Arrow, Avnet, Digikey, Mouser

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